Men Don’t Have to Sit

Last night I drug the hubs kicking and screaming through the movie theater to see Eclipse. Whatever. He loved that shit.

We inevitably ended up at Walmart. AGAIN.

Tim has to go to the bathroom, so I go, too. I’m clingy like that, except I went to the little girl’s room. Watch out. I’m about to go off.

Stepping foot inside the bathroom is an assault on the senses, one. Secondly, at 1 a.m. kids should be in bed asleep instead of pulling all the damn paper out of the dispenser by the sinks, twirling around like a ribbon dancer, and using the horror movie set public restroom as their own personal wonderland.

Because I couldn’t see past the sandpaper paper towel mess, I almost walked back out, but come to find out there’s no going back once I’ve shown my bladder the possibility of a toilet. So I picture myself with a machete going through the Congo and make my way to the nearest open stall.

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Sacked For Being A Man?

I don’t normally blog about stories in the media, especially celebrity stories, but this one has really caught my eye last year and I need to get this off my chest. So let’s start with the background information.

John Terry – England football captain, club captain, and an all-round good talent… so everybody thought until allegations of his personal life came out in the press. It was revealed that he had a 5-month affair with one of his teammate’s ex-girlfriends.

He failed to get an injunction through the courts so all of this has completely blown up – think Tiger Woods and you’ll get the picture. Terry has a wife, 2 kids, and a huge career but not anymore. Last year he was dropped as England captain and this still angers me in a way – I honestly don’t think it’s fair. In no way am I condoning the fact that he had an affair – that’s wrong especially when he has children. But to be sacked over it? That’s wrong.

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Put Panic Attacks Behind You With This Useful Advice

Panic attacks can be a difficult thing to live with. They stop you from doing what you need to do and can get in the way of your life. If you suffer from panic attacks, read on for some tips to help manage your condition and live a more normal life.

Panic Attacks …

Consider joining a support group if you suffer from panic attacks. This will help you to confront your fears. For example, if you have problems while driving they’ll join you in the car and put you into the situations you fear most so you can get over them. This is a great way to convince your mind that things aren’t as bad as it makes them out to be!

A panic attack is a normal part of the human response to danger. But some people experience attacks frequently when there is no present danger. When you finally realize that panic attacks stem from normal responses, you will be ready to seek treatment that can free you from this terrifying disorder.

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