Unconscious Bias Still Affects Women

To lots of folks, the mere suggestion that they think gender-biased, though often unconsciously, already sounds like personal criticism.

However, the reality and the truth are rather more complex. At any level of any organization, gender-biased thinking might occur, though often unconsciously.

This doesn’t just happen at the mid-management or office level. It occurs at all levels across organizations and this ‘multi-level’ discrimination is hurting businesses across the board by denying women the much-needed voice in the decision-making process.

Well, the fact of the matter is that most people are naturally somewhat biased. Even people that intend to be totally fair will have a hard time letting their brains remain completely impartial.

Cognitive bias happens in all our brains. It’s our mind’s way of automatically generating associations related to different concepts.

These are the mental shortcuts that help us process information more rapidly and they prevent our brains from getting overwhelmed with information details.

Instinctively, we tend to put people into categories and for doing that, we use criteria such as gender, age, skin color, accent, weight, education level, socioeconomic status, or sexuality.

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Is Onsego GED Prep Worth It? Review

Onsego offers possibly the best GED online prep course for efficient studying. Their 6-month GED Prep Course is packed with highly actionable strategies and lessons taught by instructors from the top US colleges and universities. Continue reading if you want to discover if Onsego is your best choice when it comes to GED online prep courses.

The Onsego GED® course is a great choice for students on a budget who are looking for lots of flexibility and a self-paced prep course. The program comes with super friendly support staff and includes quitting protection help. This is a crucial feature because many GED students have a tendency to stop learning altogether before they’re even halfway.

Onsego GED Review – Course Overview

Unlike most GED prep course providers, Onsego makes a concerted effort of getting to know their students’ requirements and test prep needs. They go a long way to create lots of opportunities for their students to stay motivated and engaged. The course begins with a smooth sign-up process and advice about how to best get started with your GED prep.

All through the course, this theme of advising students and how to learn fast for good results runs deep.

When we look at the content itself, Onsego uses video-based lessons and text in its instruction which will be very helpful for a wide variety of GED students. When it comes to the quality of the video productions, I would place Onsego well ahead of most online GED courses. The key difference is that the video lessons of Onsego are short and entertaining, full of examples and images.

Overall, I can say that Onsego offers you outstanding value at a fair price. The course feels far more advanced and relevant than most other online GED course providers. There are more than 2,200 real practice questions, and practice tests, and the course’s full GED curriculum will surely help you study very efficiently and effectively. This will make sure you’ll feel very confident come exam day.

Affordable Price: The Onsego GED Prep Course is probably the best-priced GED prep course on the market. You have the option to get 12 months of unlimited access to their most popular review course package at a price of $99. This is a one-time fee.

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Are Women Allowed To Drive Today In Saudi Arabia?

Saudi women rebelling!!!”, “ Saudi women being treated as second-class citizens for they are being banned from driving”, “Saudi female Manal Al-Sharif arrested for driving by the conservative Saudi government”….. These are the results that flashed through my computer screen when I punched “Saudi Women Driving” or “Women Driving in Saudi”.

Since recently, (some) women are allowed to drive, but I actually wanted to know the whole truth behind the issue of Saudi women and driving and see for myself what the hue and cry is all about!!!

Honestly speaking I know many Saudi females who do drive their cars uninterrupted in Saudi; but they are being subjected to drive only in restricted compound type zones. But do you think it’s just, I mean come on, driving is no more a hobby but a necessity, especially in these days of disappearing Saudi journalists…

Moreover, the problem is just piling up with the increasing growth of professional Saudi females. There is an emergence of females’ participation in various professional sectors like banks, academics, medical, IT and so forth.

No longer are the beautiful Saudi females considered as the dainty decked up dolls with only family and home in their agenda but now they are establishing themselves in the professional sectors and are doing really good there.

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