Are Women Allowed To Drive Today In Saudi Arabia?

Saudi women rebelling!!!”, “ Saudi women being treated as second-class citizens for they are being banned from driving”, “Saudi female Manal Al-Sharif arrested for driving by the conservative Saudi government”….. These are the results that flashed through my computer screen when I punched “Saudi Women Driving” or “Women Driving in Saudi”.

Since recently, (some) women are allowed to drive, but I actually wanted to know the whole truth behind the issue of Saudi women and driving and see for myself what the hue and cry is all about!!!

Honestly speaking I know many Saudi females who do drive their cars uninterrupted in Saudi; but they are being subjected to drive only in restricted compound type zones. But do you think it’s just, I mean come on, driving is no more a hobby but a necessity, especially in these days of disappearing Saudi journalists…

Moreover, the problem is just piling up with the increasing growth of professional Saudi females. There is an emergence of females’ participation in various professional sectors like banks, academics, medical, IT and so forth.

No longer are the beautiful Saudi females considered as the dainty decked up dolls with only family and home in their agenda but now they are establishing themselves in the professional sectors and are doing really good there.

Now when they are undertaking various tasks independently and doing it quite efficiently then why do they have to depend on someone else for transportation? Imagine their condition when they have to wait for their husband to drive them to work or pay handsomely to as a taxi fare on a daily basis or just rely on their drivers to drive them to malls, parlors, work or even to important business meetings without even being allowed to speak about that aloud. This is really not acceptable…what do you think?

We are not living in some dark ages where women will be subjected to depend on men for an issue as trivial as independent traveling. Women are taking active participation in almost all fields, they are flourishing in the medical, academic, business, education. administration and even political fields of Saudi Arabia though particularly in education, gender inequality is still all around. I see absolutely no reason why they are not being issued with driving licenses in today’s time, it really is absurd!!!

The Saudi government may pick the issue of women safety and security as an excuse for not granting them driving license because during weekends if a girl is traveling alone in a taxi or with her driver then her car gets surrounded from all four sides by local guys and her vehicle gets kind of sandwiched by them. It’s the same with the emigration issues. Feminists around the world should care and speak up!

This is not it, these young gentlemen behave like hooligans and hoot and whistle and create a really embarrassing and uncomfortable situation for the poor girl sitting inside, you will be faced with similar situations outside shopping malls too, during weekends there are certain malls where only families can shop and stag entry is kind of restricted. This doesn’t stop them from behaving like complete jerks, like in the workplace. They stand outside the shopping malls in groups dressed in 80s style making weird noises, passing illicit comments, using signs!!!

The solution for such issues is to educate these Saudi men to be culturally sound, even though the young gen is coming out as really decent and cultured but still, lots need to be done to make gentlemen out if these goons. They all are just talking heads! But not giving permission to the Saudi women to travel independently and drive on their own is just illogical.

The government can implement certain traffic rules to ensure the safety of female drivers and introduce strict punishments related to eve-teasing. But something needs to be done really quick to make sure that the beautiful, independent Saudi females are treated like the women living in the rest of the world. In the end, this is so tiring and the women will feel like they’re overworked… Moreover, if some Saudi females are intelligent and courageous enough to raise their voice then they must not be considered as the rebellious types or ignored completely and also suppressed at times.

However, the progression of these women started a little late but “better late than never” and as far as the issue of their driving is concerned, well it needs to be solved as soon as possible. Do remember women safety is of utmost importance to them and unlike other so-called developed nations where women safety has taken a back seat; Saudi government will never compromise with the safety of the women but I humbly request them to pay some attention to the fairer sex and help them emerge stronger and successful quickly.