Great Schedules For Single Moms Wanting To Get Back To Work

Have you ever sat down and thought about what would be the perfect work schedule for you as a single mom? Probably not, like most of us you probably just want a job that will pay the bills and you’ll juggle and stress and maneuver so that you can manage whatever schedule you’re given.

Take a moment and think about what would be the best schedule for your life. Do you have young children who aren’t in school yet? If you work evening hours maybe a family member could babysit and save you some money on daycare.

If you have school-age children do you want to spend the evenings with them? Maybe your kids go their dad on the weekends and you’d be happy to work while they are gone.

Jot down the things that would make your life easier, less hectic and even enjoyable. If you are employed speak with your manager about the shift and scheduling options, if you aren’t employed keep these things in mind while you search for a job. You may be surprised to find that you can probably find a job that offers the perfect schedule for your needs as a single mom. Sometimes it’s being careful, sometimes it’s being scared.

We are often so worried about getting paid that we’ll take any job, any schedule and we’ll also be worn out and miserable. It’s worth a little time to help make sure that you can actually work with the schedule you get and that it allows you time to be more than just a provider, but also a mom but beware that also in France, dress codes and other restrictions may apply!

Each mom has a different schedule that would be perfect for her, this means that there is  a lot of variety in what you may be looking for and out of all the businesses in your town surely you can find one that offers a schedule that meets some of your “perfect” scheduling requirements if not all. All work and no play makes mom a very stressed out woman who may not be at her best when she does find time to spend with her children.

There are only 24 hours in a day and every day isn’t going to be perfect, but somewhere in there, you have to find your happy medium that allows you to be the breadwinner and the mommy. A really good thing nowadays is that online education allows you to get qualified much sooner than years ago as you can study in the moments that suit you best and the offerings are almost limitless today! So you see, there are more and more ways to climb a mountain on your path to self-sufficiency and reward!