Extremely Peeved Men’s Rights Campaigners Call for Boycott

Ever since starting my job I’ve become a lot more peeved at certain things, people, actions etc.

I don’t know whether it’s because there is a lot of pressure on me to do my job right, or whether I’m not seeing my friends as much as I’d like to, or whether I’m just unhappy in my job… I just don’t know.

First off, pressure. This month’s campaign is a huge one. December is the busiest time for gyms and I happen to work for a national gym chain. The second largest in the country.

This month we’re all about slamming the competitors and saying what’s bad about them in our campaigns. We’ve had a video created by our digital agency and it’s great – it’s funny, and it shows us, as a company, in a very good light. And me?

Well, I’m the digital marketing executive. I am responsible for making it go “viral” as my director says. He wants me to get it 15,000 views in one month on YouTube alone. That might seem like a hell of a lot, it might seem very little, I don’t know. But bear in mind that we’ve never tried this tactic before. It’s completely new to the company.

And he wants to get FIFTEEN THOUSAND HITS in the first go. Erm… shall we try walking before we can run? But I’ll be damned if I don’t try – I’m working my arse off to reach that target and if it doesn’t go to plan, then we can all learn from it. But the pressure on me, because I’m the only person with digital in my job title, is high.

Secondly, friends. I thought with more money, I’d be able to see my friends more. I’d be able to say yes to more things. But I’ve ended up with extra money each month because I don’t have the time anymore. Something I had a lot of during university. Don’t get me wrong – I had a week off so I could go to London and chill out but these things don’t come around often. It’s just hard. You’re either studying, and flat broke. Or you’re working with plenty of money, and no time. Where is the middle ground?

And finally, job happiness. This isn’t the industry I want to work in. It’s exactly the thing I want to be doing, but just not the right place. I know that, I’ve told my colleagues that plenty of times. None of us are going to be there long. But while we are there, we give everything. Some days I come home and I love my job – it’s busy, fast-paced, and manic.

There’s a lot to learn, and I love coming home knowing I can add a new skill to my CV. But then there are days where I feel like I’ve worked so hard without any recognition. You rarely see a project from start to finish – I dip in and out of everyone’s projects as and when they need it, that’s just the nature of my role. If you need something digital doing, I’m there.

When you don’t, I’m out. So I never feel like I own my work. My boss has given me my own projects to take care of i.e. social media, online activity, web editing etc. Maybe it’s just one of those things? I know I’m not alone in this, so shout at me if you’re the same – it’d always nice to know that you’re not the only one.

And that’s my big long rant over with – have I just sucked all of the happiness out of the blogosphere? Well never fear, my next post will be very girly and pretty – so I’ll see you then!