Gender Inequality in Education

All across the world, girls and women are still much more likely to never get into a classroom than men and boys despite all efforts and the tremendous progress that was made over the past few decades. Gender inequality in education is still a key issue so let’s take a closer look.

To support countries in their efforts to fulfill and live up to their promise that by 2030 they will have closed the gender gap, the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) is disaggregating all sex-related indicators to the highest possible extent.

The UIS is additionally producing indices for gender parity and is in the process of developing new indicators for enhanced reflecting, inclusion, and equity of boys and girls.

The UIS, for example, collects data on a regular basis regarding the percentage of sub-Saharan African schools that have only single-sex toilets and how many female teachers are employed in primary or secondary education schools across the globe.

The Institute offers information about how GED Diploma opportunities work, especially with contemporary online study options like the Onsego course, and are additionally tracking males and females in post-secondary education by study direction, especially in technology, science, mathematics, and engineering.

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Gender Inequality in Sports

I am a true believer in gender equality in general and very passionate about equal recognition, equal rights, and equal pay. I believe that equal rights should not only be an issue when we refer to our female athletes but for girls and women in general. all across the globe. Gender Inequality in sports is a serious issue so let’s take a closer look.

I have young daughters and I’m hoping that at some point in their lives, they will love sports just as dearly as I have been doing throughout my life. My daughters will definitely be encouraged to love sports, to learn and play, and get into some sort of sports activity while they’re still young.

And if they choose to take their favorite sport to a further level someday, like I guess most parents would like, I sincerely hope that they will be met with the same conditions and opportunities as their male counterparts.

Gender equality (especially in education and sports) has continually been a highly controversial issue. Even the gentleman who founded the modern Olympic Games (Baron Pierre de Coubertin), said at the end of the 19th century that “Regardless of how toughened a female sportsperson might be, the organism of a woman is not shaped to sustain specific shocks.”

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Gender Inequality in the Workplace

Women are still faced with gender bias, and this is also the case in our workplaces. Sure, many companies are really trying hard to promote equality and diversity, but women are still dominating lower-paying entry-level and administrative positions while men are continuing to hold positions at the management and executive level. So let’s take a closer look at Gender Inequality in the workplace.

It is clear that gender inequality is hurting our companies’ performances. More and more women have come to astonishing achievements over the past decades, shattering gender-related barriers in just about every aspect of our lives.

These days, more and more young women choose a career in a traditionally male-dominated sector such as technology, engineering, business, or trades. More women are running for public or political office than ever before, and more and more women are setting up their own business or get educated in fields like aviation or aerospace. Let’s also hope that after the upcoming mid-terms we’ll see many more women elected to the house. Wouldn’t that be fantastic?

No longer have young women to choose between family and marriage or a high-powered career. Women of today are wanting it all, just like counterparts from the other sex. At the same time, we can see only a few succeed in reaching their goals, just a few.

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